Blog Morning routine in my parents house

Morning routine in my parents house

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The day begins with two glasses of warm water, in which Amma adds a spoon of honey and some lemon.

Appa has sliced elchi bananas; they will eat them with cinnamon powder, sugar and milk.

Milk is now being boiled. The filter has been set for the coffee to be made. The smell is divine. Now we will all three of us have fresh filter coffee. I am looking forward to it.
It takes my parents an hour to complete these morning rituals. As I watch them, I realise the mortality and fragility of the human body and how we all will get to this stage. 

Recently my mother took a fall, as a result of which my sister, my cousin and I are taking turns to sleepover. It was not a major fall, nothing is broken. But I am glad to be able to spend this time with my parents while they are still around to bless me. 

One elderly lady - a friend of my mother - came to visit last evening. She said to me, Oh all of you have to now look after them. I replied, it is my good fortune to get this opportunity...somewhat like a drama scene but sometimes it is the clichés that come closest to our thoughts.