Blog USA happy with tie vs. England

USA happy with tie vs. England

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The US are happy with a 1-1 tie against England, however, everything still rests on them defeating Slovenia this Friday. It certainly wasn’t a good showcase game for the World Cup. The USA played an above average game but England played poorly and used the wrong tactics against the US. It was to the USA’s advantage they played England in opening game and not the third game. The English is theory would have been a little more crisp. I think the organization for the US was good and they were disruptive enough on defense. The offense is still a question mark and I hope they consider swapping a forward for a midfielder these next two games. With five midfielders I think they would be able to control the game better against a weaker opponent. People will tell you that the USA plays down to lesser opponents. This is because the USA are a north/south team. When they have to posses the ball in holding, they're not nearly as fluid as most nations. However based on what I saw this weekend the US should advance past the group stage. Now everyone is just waiting for Friday.