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In the video are tested the most new concepts and models from Dacia in the 90's times. The newer model was Dacia Nova and Dacia Pick Up. In 1995 they was launched for public. The most succesfully model for exports was Dacia 1307 Double Cab. Released from 1992 and out from production in 2006. Dacia 1309 was a Spec Model for China in the 1995-2000 sold it in 800.000 exemplars and that saved the company Dacia from bankrupt between 1996-1999. Dacia made it nice cars and today are still legendary. Nowdays Dacia is owned by Renault Group which the pure romanian air was dissapaired. Almost the all new cars are shit nowdays full with electronics system and unreliables. This video is uploaded in the memory of old classic models which represented Romania and Dacia everywhere in the world. South America, Canada, US, Asia, Africa, Europe and Australia. The new models by Renault aren't in the all continents.

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    December 2, 2012