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For more news visit ☛ Follow us on Twitter ☛ http Add us on Facebook ☛ Hong Kong's business sector may suffer because of a shortage of vacancies in international schools. It's forcing some foreign staff to relocate to other Asian cities. Business executives are saying it may dampen Hong Kong's prospects as a financial hub. Here's more. As more global businesses are sprouting up in Asia, Hong Kong is having a drastic shortage of vacancies in international schools. Some business executives fear it could dampen Hong Kong's competitive edge as a financial center—in favor of regional rivals like Singapore and Malaysia. The current shortage is especially critical for primary school spots in top schools. [Fiona Hunt, British Parent]: "You can't imagine the difficulty until you physically get here. You hear the stories day in and day out of all the people who have to go back home because they literally can't find a place for their child." The demand for international schooling has increased tremendously in recent years. [Heather Du Quesnay, Chief Executive, English Schools Foundation]: "Last year we had very nearly 2000 applications for about 1000 places in year one, that's for five-year-olds. And for year seven in the secondary schools...we had about 350 applications for only 100 places." A recent survey by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong shows that the difficulty to access high quality international schooling is affecting businesses ...

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    September 8, 2011